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Our focus is on delivering tangible results,
not just hours worked.

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Deep technical skills in AI, data tools, and hands-on project execution, acquired through 10 years+ as CEOs, Founders or Managing Partners.

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Integrated approach with your team, fostering innovation and effective solutions.

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Proven track record of delivering significant business improvements and successful project completions

Our 3-layered Services

Transforming Vision into Reality: From strategic goal-setting with North Star metrics to collaborative project management and initiative leadership for seamless execution and continuous improvement.

We are always part of your team. We guarantee continuous efficiency and remain focused through agreed fixed fees for us.


Vitality Briefing

"Our 'Vitality Briefing' delivers a straightforward overview for result-driven stakeholder communication, setting clear objectives with a North Star metric and direct data access to boost business autonomy and progress."


Project Management

Our 'Project Management' blends visionary thinking with practical action, leveraging entrepreneur-driven insights to manage projects with clear scopes and enhance collaboration with existing teams for tangible results.


Initiative Leadership

Authrion champions your pursuit of ambitious North Star metrics, offering proactive support for goals like margin growth, productivity boosts, and successful product launches. We expertly manage multiple projects, integrating automation and AI opportunities, with clear direction and strategic coordination to ensure your initiatives thrive.

Our Approach: Purpose Driven,
AI Enabled Consulting.

OKR (Objective & Key Results) driven project scoping

Managing multiple projects under strategic initiatives, providing clear direction and coordination.

Co-Pilots to push forward your goals

Authrion stands by your side as a true co-pilot and dynamic crew, integrating seamlessly into your business to drive results without getting entangled in daily operations.

We commit to acting in your long-term benefit, taking responsibility, and providing active support to ensure success. With flexible subscription models, you can tailor the intensity of our involvement to accelerate achievements alongside your team members..

Numbers before emotions & assumptions

A numbers-driven approach combined with access to any skill needed for your project. We're not just hired hands; we're an extension of your team.

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Meet the team

Michael Beer
Philipp Benker
Stefan von Rohr
Boris Manhart
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